Dedicated Servers

Why choose KillerCreation?

  • Premium low latency independant Network owned and managed solely by KillerCreation.
  • Experienced and reliable customer support.
  • Wide Range of servers.
  • Permanently Low Prices.
  • EA, DICE, Tripwire Interactive and Massive Entertainment Trusted Ranked Provider. Ranked Dedi option available.

What Comes As Standard:Intel and AMD Dedicated Servers Available

  • FREE Setup on all dedicated servers.
  • FREE 10 slot Mumble, TeamSpeak 3, TeamSpeak 2 or Ventrilo voice server.
  • FREE APC PDU Remote Reboot port. Whats an APC PDU? Dell PowerEdge R210 UK dedicated servers
  • FREE KVM Over IP feed. Whats a KVM Over IP feed?
  • FREE Fast map redirection service.
  • Multi-Gbit Cisco only Network. Direct Fiber with Tier 1 Providers.
  • UNLIMITED Gaming bandwidth as standard.
  • FREE KillerCreation Game Panel available on request.
  • Dedicated full duplex 100Mbit or 1000Mbit network port as standard (depending on selected spec).
  • Efficient and polite customer service.
  • Full access via VNC, RDP or SSH. Note: Remote desktop access not available on Ranked servers.
  • Detailed bandwidth graphs. 95th Percentile graphing provided. 
  • Windows or Linux. Available Operating Systems: Win 2008, Win 2003 and  CentOS.
  • Access to to download all your favorite games in minutes.

Instant Setup on all dedicated servers marked in stock. 

Out of Stock
Intel Lite£44.99 (Incl VAT £53.99)£34.99 (Incl VAT £41.99)
In Stock
Dell PowerEdge R210£114.99 (Incl VAT £137.99)£59.00 (Incl VAT £70.80)
Out of Stock
Dell PowerEdge R200£89.99 (Incl VAT £107.99)£64.99 (Incl VAT £77.99)

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