Game Servers

Why Choose KillerCreation?

  • Premium low latency independant Network owned and managed solely by KillerCreation.
  • High Specification Servers.
  • Experienced and reliable customer support.
  • EA, DICE, Tripwire Interactive and Massive Entertainment Trusted Provider.

What comes as standard:

  • FREE 10 slot Ventrilo, TeamSpeak 3, Mumble or Teamspeak 2 voice server.
  • FREE fast map redirection service.
  • FREE HLTV/Source TV (HL1/HL2 games).
  • Public servers as standard.
  • KC Game Panel - Control every aspect of your game server.
  • Low latency Tier 1 connected network designed purely for gaming.
  • Fast setup.
  • Smooth, fast, and superb hit registration game servers.
  • Unlimited disk space for custom maps, configs, sounds.
  • Unlimited addons/plugins (Meta, Mani, Amxx , SourceMod etc..).
  • Efficient and polite customer service via IRC, tickets or E-mail.
  • Monitoring services/scripts which actively check to make sure your game server(s) stays online.
  • All game servers are hosted on high spec dedicated hardware utilizing both Intel and AMD platforms.

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