BF Bad Company 2 Official Ranked

Why Choose KillerCreation?

  • Premium low latency independant Network owned and managed solely by KillerCreation.
  • High Specification Servers.
  • Experienced and reliable customer support.
  • EA, DICE, Tripwire Interactive and Massive Entertainment Trusted Provider.

What comes as standard:

  • FREE 10 slot Ventrilo, TeamSpeak 3, Mumble or Teamspeak 2 voice server.
  • FREE fast map redirection service.
  • FREE HLTV/Source TV (HL1/HL2 games).
  • Public servers as standard.
  • KC Game Panel - Control every aspect of your game server.
  • Low latency Tier 1 connected network designed purely for gaming.
  • Fast setup.
  • Smooth, fast, and superb hit registration game servers.
  • Unlimited disk space for custom maps, configs, sounds.
  • Unlimited addons/plugins (Meta, Mani, Amxx , SourceMod etc..).
  • Efficient and polite customer service via IRC, tickets or E-mail.
  • Monitoring services/scripts which actively check to make sure your game server(s) stays online.
  • All game servers are hosted on high spec dedicated hardware utilizing both Intel and AMD platforms.
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Order your Official Ranked Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Game Server today!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Official Ranked specific features:

  • Official EA/DICE Ranked Server Provider.
  • RemoteAdmin included as standard.
  • Includes Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Pack.
  • Free access to rWeb (our in-house, web based, MOH and BC2 rcon tool).
  • Remote text editor access to non-core files including serveroptions, reservedslots, maplist and Punkbuster.
  • PB screenshots available through Game Panel or http redirect (on request).
  • Hosted on premium Dell PowerEdge R210 Quad Xeon Lynnfield servers.
  • Unique IP per customer (no port conflicts).
  • Demo and VoIP automation (when available).

Please note: The following restrictions apply to Official EA Ranked servers:

  • Minimum Slots: 16.
  • FTP access prohibited.

Order a high quality - low ping Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Official EA/DICE Ranked game server from today! Our network is regarded as one of the best in the UK for low ping/ latency gaming, built on state of the art Cisco gear purely with gaming in mind. We fully own and control our own network, racks and hardware to provide the best possible performance and quality for our customers. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Official Ranked Game Servers


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